Kagi Gruvbox Dark Theme CSS


關於 Kagi:每月索價 10usd 的搜尋引擎-但我還是立即付錢了-ft-Kagi


This is a Kagi theme based on the official Moon Dark theme, inspired by gruvbox.

The CSS is incomplete, I only have changed the styles of what I usually see on the search result page. However, styling in Kagi is dead simple, you should be able to use it as the base CSS and customize by yourself easily!

Enjoy ;)


Kagi Custom CSS Gruvbox

Apply Theme

  1. Goto Kagi.com -> Settings -> Appearance

  2. Choose Moon Dark as the Default Dark Theme

  3. Copy following CSS to Custom CSS and hit Apply Custom CSS button

  4. Done! You might want change to larger font size due to monospace, or you can change the font-size in the body by yourself 🍻

Gruvbox Dark CSS

:root {
  --font-main: monospace;
  --color-primary: #ebdbb2;
  --color-primary_hover: #fbf1c7;
  --page-text-color: #ebdbb2;
  --background-color: #1d2021;
  --color-primary_visited: #b16286;
  --search-result-title: #83a598;
  --search-result-title-hover: #458588;
  --search-result-subtitle: #458588;
  --search-result-content-text: #a89984;
  --color_link: #83a598;
  --footer-bg: #1d2021;
  --color-search-input: #3c3836;
  --inline-widget-bg: #282828;
  --search-result-date-new-bg: #d79921;
  --related-item-bg: #282828;
  --search-result-date-bg: #282828;
  --m_sri_gap_color: #1d2021;

.btn.--yellow {
  background: #d79921;

.__sri-title .__sri_title_link,
.__sri-title .__sri_title_link:hover,
.__srgi-title a,
.__srgi-title a:hover {
  border: 0;

.__sri-title {
  margin-bottom: 0;

.__sri-url .__domain-favicon {
  margin-right: 10px;

.__srgi-title a {
  color: var(--search-result-subtitle);

.__sri-desc {
  font-size: 0.7rem;